Fuga de gas can be translated as “gas leak”.

The word fuga, however, applies not only to gases and liquids, but also to people who are escaping from jail – "gas jail break".

Did you know montaña rusa means "roller coaster" in Spanish?

It literally translates as "Russian mountain", which is why this cute mountain is wearing a traditional Russian hat. 


Me siento mal can be understood in two ways: “I feel bad” and "I am sitting badly". 

It depends on whether we understand me siento as a conjugation of sentirse ("to feel") or sentarse ("to sit down"), since their forms are identical.

"Cosas que pasan" is an expression than means something like "these things happen!"

But also, a "pasa" is a sultana and "¿qué pasa?" means 'what's up?". 

Beautiful wordplay!

How do we say the letter "Y" called in Spanish? We call it i griega, which can be translated as “Greek i”. 

You will never forget it now! 

Check out the next one!


If "Y" is called i griega, then "I" is called i latina.

Sexy letters!



A hot dog is usually called a "perro caliente" in Spanish, but in Chile it's called a "completo". 

A completo has diced tomato, smashed avo and mayo.  

Don't let anyone fool you – it's the best kind of hot dog in the word!

Aww, I am so sorry bunnies!

Recién casados means "just married", but "cazados" with a Z means "hunted". The two words have exactly the same pronunciation in American Spanish. 


There are many ways to say popcorn in Spanish, but one of them is palomitas de maíz.

A palomita is a little pigeon, while maíz is corn.

Doesn't the corn look happy with its palomitas?

What do you call your first teeth when you are a child? Baby teeth?

In Spanish we call them dientes de leche. It's not really milk with teeth. 


Which one was your favourite?

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