New workshops for beginners!

Need to catch up? Would you like more practice talking? Are verbs giving you a hard time? Single-session, 3-hour workshops are great to get to the point of a skill, and keep you in tune if you can't commit to a whole course.

2014 Spanish Film Festival

The Spanish Film Festival is back! From Wednesday April 30 to Sunday May 18, thirty contemporary Spanish language films will be screened at three Palace Cinemas in Melbourne. It's a great opportunity for an intensive in listening to some of the many variants of the Spanish language, to have an introduction to, and keep an eye on Hispanic culture, and not only that, a great socialising opportunity!

Spanish from Spain or Latin America?

A question we are often asked is "Do you teach Spanish from Spain or Latin America?" Although this is a big concern for some, we feel that the worry is a bit exaggerated and unnecessary. We think it is more important in a course that the teachers are qualified and the course programmes are well written.

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