El camino de Santiago y otras aventuras en bici (The way to Santiago and other bicycle adventures)

¡Hola a todos! (Hello everyone!) I'm Rishi. I've been studying Spanish for 9 years, more or less 8 years at El Patio. Ana has asked me if I want to write a bit about my bicycle adventures in Europe, particularly those in Spain.

Soy Rishi. Hace 9 años que estudio español, más o menos 8 años en El Patio. Ana me ha preguntado si quiero escribir un poco de mis aventuras de bici en Europa, particularmente las de España.

Spanish Idioms - they "Crack us Up"! (A2-B2)

Idioms are often strange and unusual - yet sometimes the perfect way to express ourselves. Have you ever actually seen it "rain cats and dogs"? … in Spanish we'd say "llueve a cántaros" (it's raining buckets). Idioms are a great way to enter into a culture's unique way of thinking, a way to "get to the point". It really pays to learn one or two - you are so going to impress your Hispanic friends if you throw one in at the right moment. Read Ben Wright-Smith's amusing article with his illustrations - which "hit the nail on the head"!

I Learn Spanish! … Stavros Aivaliotis

Stavros is a well seasoned Northcote student! Having started in El Patio at Elementary 1 in 2009 and now at an Upper Intermediate level, his is a familiar face at our Northcote school. Stavros has made many friends with staff, teachers and fellow students, often finding time to practice with them outside of class. He attributes this aspect to his continued enthusiasm for learning!

I Teach Spanish! … Pilar Ruperti

Pilar from Sevilla is a lover of languages! First arriving in Melbourne in 2012 on a 1 year Language Assistant Scholarship, she now works as a Spanish language teacher at El Patio. Pilar explains why she loves teaching and how to overcome some of the common concerns students have.

Direct Object Pronouns - Told through Banksy's Street Art! (A1-C1)

This is a tricky one, but don't lose heart! Direct Object Pronouns are short little words used to help make phrases easier to say and more interesting to hear! It, her, him, them (to name a few) all make our lives easier. But learning when and where to use them in Spanish can be frustrating! To ease you into it, we've matched photos of some of Banksy's best artwork with the examples, think of them as a memory aid!

False Friends - False Cognates (A1-B2)

Spanish and English words can be very similar and following familiar patterns often helps us to learn Spanish. However, we need to be careful because within these patterns lurk false friends ...

Ser or Estar … Dying to Know the Answer? (A1-C1)

When students first learn that there are two very different forms of 'to be' in Spanish they are often confused and perhaps even a little annoyed! "But why!?" is a very common reaction! Yet grasping the difference between 'ser' and 'estar' is often a watershed moment in the Spanish acquisition journey!

I Learn Spanish! … Jennifer Boyce

Read about our student, Jennifer Boyce, and her journey to learn Spanish, (along with adorable daughter Eleanor!) With levels A1 and A2 under her belt, she's now set her eyes on a B1 DELE certificate. She has learned that studying Spanish is largely about persistence!

So many levels to choose from!

Thinking of learning a Spanish? El Patio has got around 20 levels of Spanish to choose from in our two centres. Are you a beginner? There are 4 types of course to consider. An upper intermediate speaker? 4 levels alone of Upper Intermediate!

El renegado (B1/B2)

Take a trip back in time to Asturica during the VIII century AD through the eyes of a 15 year old child and meet the military might of Terik! A short cuento by Ana Ruiz, designed for Intermediate students who want to better their understanding of the past tenses pretérito imperfecto and pretérito indefinido.

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