Where to Start? A Beginners Guide!

Not sure where to start? Stress less! We've got you covered with all our different beginners courses.

Use this guide to help you choose the right class to suit your goals, schedule and lifestyle!

Heard our podcast, Spanish in a Minute? (A1)

Beginners! Check out our podcast of 1-minute lessons created by us to help you tip-toe through the minefield that is learning Spanish. It's free, available on iTunes, and there are 40 episodes. Not only that, they are modelled on the study path that our Elementary 1 courses take. Go get it!

La casa australiana - a short story (and lesson) for beginners! (A1)

Read the first of our stories in Spanish - graded for specific levels. This one is for beginners, or A1 in progress (A1 complete is when you've done Upper Elementary 3). It not only contains a glossary of nouns, and a list of conjugated verbs, but - wait for it - lesson on SER & ESTAR - hurrah!

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