Some ideas to help with your studies at El Patio ...

Come to class!

This sounds very obvious – but if you come to class each week, it’s much easier to learn.

If you can't attend for whatever reason, we always email you with what was covered in class as well the details of any homework set. 

And catch-up classes in another class of the same level can sometimes be arranged if you organise this in advance. This is especially useful if you work shift-work or need to travel for work. Grab a timetable and email us. We allow 3 catch-up classes per Term. 

Make time outside of class for private study and homework

Apart from coming to class, doing your homework is very helpful!

Students who make time each week out of class to do their homework and go over what they’ve been learning, really make progress. The more revision you do, the better. It’s also good to enjoy this process – so have a cuppa, sit back, relax and do your homework.

And a hint – the answers to the homework are in your student login (or just click this link). This is good for self-correcting at home. That way you come to class only with questions about things you still don't quite get even after trying to nut it out at home. This helps your learning and saves time in class for exploring other things!

Find ways to make Spanish part of your life

The more Spanish becomes something you see, hear and speak every day (or as frequently as possible) the more it will become second-nature and something you’re familiar with and feel comfortable with.

The usual suggestions for language students are things like labelling your house and putting new vocab up on the fridge. It might sound a bit daggy but this is actually a good way of having new words stick.

Another great suggestion is to listen to music in Spanish. Even if you don’t understand a word, the sounds of what you hear will sink in and help your pronunciation.

And have a look at our Resources Page – this has resources for students of all levels – including online dictionaries, streaming radio and film festivals to check out in Melbourne. It also has a section for students in the Elementary levels (beginners) – particularly useful when you’re starting out.

Join in with things at El Patio

Excellent for learning the numbers is Spanish Bingo! Each Term we go along to the Hogar Español (Spanish Club) on Johnson St, Fitzroy and join the Hispanic community of Melbourne for some rapid-fire bingo action and raffle ticket good times. It’s the real deal and it’s so much fun.

Come along, order a drink (in Spanish) and perfect your numbers. Bring friends – even if they don’t speak Spanish there’s a massive board with flashing numbers. A wild time for all.

Bingo fun each Term at the Spanish Club, Fitzroy

Consider making your class a party

Something that really helps with learning is that classes at El Patio tend to be relaxed and social. And this is partly why many students who start in the beginners levels continue on the much higher levels. 

Students often bring wine and snacks (tapas) to class – aside for limbering up the tongue and giving the brain some food, this also makes the classes a lot of fun. If the party tradition isn’t happening in your class, don't be shy about being the one to kick it off (your fellow students will thank you). 

Get some extra help

Aside from the online resources on our website (see above), we’ve made a number of resources specifically for beginners, and these are great for getting your foot in the door right at the start:


Our free podcast: Spanish in a Minute (FREE)

These are one-minute episodes with lots of the basics and are excellent. If you listen to them, you are guaranteed to learn something! They're fun and bite-sized and make for easy listening as well as adding a little extra to your Spanish learning each week.

To subscribe to the podcast click here

To listen to some sample episodes click here


Our online classes: Beginner Basics 1 and Beginner Basics 2

The online classes star El Patio teachers Clara, Nuria, Isidro and Sol in HD videos and have lots clear explanations with audio for help with pronunciation. Learn greetings, how to say your name, where you're from, where you live and what you do, plus the essentials of pronunciation and the alphabet.

To read more about the online classes and for more sample video and audio click here

To purchase these ($9.99 each) click here


Our e-book: Spanish in a Suitcase

For iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch – a short course that doubles as a travel phrasebook. Really great for beginners and if you're thinking of heading overseas.

Click here to view some sample pages and listen to some of the audio

Download a free sample from iTunes or purchase it ($24.99)

Come and have a chat ...

Lastly, if you ever need any help with anything, please get in touch. Email us, call us or come up and have a chat. 

Happy studying – see you in class!

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By Craig Burgess
February 2, 2018



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