¿Por o para? Like Apples and Oranges ... (A1-B2)

Like the difference between ser and estar, students sometimes find the difference between por and para bewildering! 'Hack' the puzzle with us in this article to unmask the uses of these pesky prepositions!

When, Where, How, In What Way? (A1-B2)

Do not fear the Adverb. Adverbs do what adjectives simply can not. While adjectives describe nouns and pronouns, adverbs describe just about everything else!

I Teach Spanish! … Isidro Martínez García

Meet Isidro! He's from Mexico and has been teaching at El Patio since 2009. His contribution to our profesores series is thoughtful and offers colourful insight to the processes of teaching and learning Spanish in Australia. Do read right to the end, as he has created a fun lesson on the Direct Object and Indirect Object Pronouns!

Receta de paella valenciana (A2/B1)

Si todavía no os habéis atrevido a cocinar una paella, El Patio os muestra cómo hacerla. ¡Que os aproveche! If you haven't yet tried to make a paella, El Patio is going to show you how - isn't that what a Spanish language school is for? Enjoy!

I Learn Spanish! … Daniel Kostoski

Introducing Daniel Kostoski, one of our determined students. Daniel started at El Patio from zero and 11 courses (2.5 years) later, is now in Lower Intermediate 5. Here he answers a few questions and gives insight into his Spanish learning experience.

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