I Teach Spanish! … Raquel Ramos Josa

Raquel is one of El Patio's more experienced teachers, and answers some questions about her teaching experience in Australia, how she finds us as students, as well as suggestions on how to get the most out of a Spanish course. Raquel is from Astorga, Spain, and has been teaching at El Patio since 2008.

Heard our podcast, Spanish in a Minute? (A1)

Beginners! Check out our podcast of 1-minute lessons created by us to help you tip-toe through the minefield that is learning Spanish. It's free, available on iTunes, and there are 40 episodes. Not only that, they are modelled on the study path that our Elementary 1 courses take. Go get it!

Receta de sardinas fritas, paso a paso (A1)

Mmmm, sardinitas. Say hello to another in our series of edu-recipes which enable you to learn some Spanish whilst preparing food and enjoying it! You'll find a summary of the different grammatical elements, the verb forms used, as well as vocabulary. This is good for students at level A1 (Elementary 1, 2, 3 & Upper Elem. 1).

La casa australiana - a short story (and lesson) for beginners! (A1)

Read the first of our stories in Spanish - graded for specific levels. This one is for beginners, or A1 in progress (A1 complete is when you've done Upper Elementary 3). It not only contains a glossary of nouns, and a list of conjugated verbs, but - wait for it - lesson on SER & ESTAR - hurrah!

I Learn Spanish! … Daniel Kostoski

Introducing Daniel Kostoski, one of our determined students. Daniel started at El Patio from zero and 11 courses (2.5 years) later, is now in Lower Intermediate 5. Here he answers a few questions and gives insight into his Spanish learning experience.

3-hour workshops for beginners coming up!

Needing extra help with speaking, or getting your head around conjugating verbs? Try our new, short, no-commitment 3-hour sessions to boost these fundamentals. Starting next week at our Melbourne and Northcote centres, Boca a Boca (Word of Mouth) and Verbs a GoGo (Hip Verbs) are designed especially for beginner students.

Let's talk about you! - Personal Subject Pronouns (A1)

It is fundamental to be comfortable with these pronouns when learning verb conjugation. As verbs are such a huge part of the Spanish language, it's imperative to move beyond "personal pronoun fright" as soon as you can! Here's an article about them, and there's a freebie involved - do read on!

I Teach Spanish! … Mónica Caruana

El Patio teacher Mónica Caruana is interviewed about her Spanish teaching experiences. Get to know the thoughts and processes involved, first hand, of one of our committed teachers.
Mónica is from Veracruz, Mexico, and has been teaching at El Patio since 2011.

Receta de pulpo a la gallega, paso a paso (B1)

Learn some Spanish whilst preparing and enjoying food! Pulpo a la gallega is a very popular dish in Galicia, in the north-west of Spain. With an extensive coastline which is indented with numerous estuaries (rías), it hardly needs saying that Galicia is great for seafood! The language in this recipe is good for students at level B1 (Upper Intermediate).

New workshops for beginners!

Need to catch up? Would you like more practice talking? Are verbs giving you a hard time? Single-session, 3-hour workshops are great to get to the point of a skill, and keep you in tune if you can't commit to a whole course.

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